Wednesday, 5 December 2007


One of many highlights of Arrivals was the commissioning of Time out of Place a film by Semiconductor (aka Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt)

The Kings Cross area in London is rapidly transforming, creating a city in flux. Semiconductor captured this moment in human history by documenting the day to day happenings in a short moving image work. The linear nature of time makes us have a very fixed experience of it; constantly stuck in the present. To break free from these constraints Semiconductor devised a process where by we see the past present and future simultaneously. This act of seeing time reveals a different visual landscape then we are accustomed to, as multiple patterns of motion emerge to reveal a new rhythm to the city. Bearing witness to these events we perceive a place in transition, beyond our everyday experiences

The film premiered at the Arrivals opening party at the Big Chill House and could be viewed there over the whole festival. It then received a cinema screening with other artists films by Andrew Cross and Minnie Weisz at the new cinema in Birkbeck College : a lovely intimate space to watch films with great sound and visual projection.

Time out of Place rewards repeated viewing as different things are revealed every time. Do you remember the souls streaming from bodies in Donnie Darko? Semiconductor create a very similar effect beautifully and it transforms ordinary commuter and passers-by into ethereal beings, and another world is fashioned from the King's Cross rush hour...
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