Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Surface / Space/ Time @ The Crypt Gallery

The latest exhibit at the Crypt Gallery (St. Pancras Church, Euston Road) brings together a group of emerging and established artists, to explore the concepts of surface, space and time. The exhibition seeks to explore the hidden pathways and connotations located within the subject title and makes and excellent start with it's choice of location being the dark, eerie and damp maze of passageways at the Crypt Gallery.

The exhibition is diverse and distictive with a range of methods and media being utilised. I particularly enjoyed the Susan Hotchkis series. She uses her colourful embroidered textiles to explore the notion of beauty being created over a long period of time and seeks to find a harmony between man made and natural beauty. She manages to create an almost paint like effect with her embroidery which I thought was clever and beautiful. Richard Jack's sculptural work which explored familial relationships and Rona Smith's breezeblock installation 'High Rise' were also interesting and enjoyable, with the latter being one of the few pieces which I felt was truly site specific despite many of the artist's claims.

The Crypt's next exhibition, looks to be just as interesting. 'Is this Spain?', opening on 12th September, brings together contemporary Spanish artists who question and reject the often held stereotypes of Spanish culture and Spain as a country with a strong emphasis on newer artistic methods and languages such as video installation and net art.

Surface/ Space/Time featured artists: Eve Wheate, JooHee Hwang, Lucy Barfoot, Lucy Fergus, Luke Stones, Mark Houghton, Mary Louise Evans, Richard Jack, Rona Smith, Sam Clift, Simone Wallace & Sue Hotchkis.

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