Friday, 19 October 2007

Arrivals Fringe - call for submissions

If you haven't heard of Arrivals yet, where have you been hiding? It's a fantastic programme of events to celebrate the opening of St Pancras International and the new Eurostar terminal. There's a whole lot on the regular programme already - check out the Arrivals website - but the team are now looking for other great projects for the fringe programme:

UNDERCOVER: The official Arrivals fringe programme

The Arrivals programme of events, running from 14th-25th November 2007, celebrates the opening of St Pancras International and the arrival of the first Eurostar train.

It’s the beginning of a new era not just for St Pancras but for one of central London’s most vibrant areas, a place of transformation, regeneration and change. This is an opportunity to venture into the unknown, explore the eclectic range of artists, venues and hidden gems that make Kings Cross St Pancras so unique!

The Arrivals website is now ready and waiting to showcase your events on Undercover, the official Arrivals ‘OFF’ programme. Whether you have an exhibition, a gig, a club night or play, we’re interested in hearing from you.

Fringe events must
- fall within the duration of Arrivals’ event programme – 14-25th November,
- be located within the King’s Cross locale, and
- take some inspiration from Arrivals’ themes of meetings, journeys, change and community

If you have an event which you would like to submit for consideration, you will need to provide following information
· summary of the event (no more than 100 words)
· location (street address with post code)
· date of event
· time of event
· ticket price and box office information, if relevant
· contact email and phone number

All submissions should be sent to Arrivals Production Coordinator, Claire Horan:

Deadline for all submissions will be 9th November 2007

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catalonia travel said...

I've checked out the programme and it's great!

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