Friday, 5 December 2008

Fall Events wrap up

October and November were busy months for CreateKX; we held a varied event programme in King's Cross , many of which approached some of the main issues and challenges facing businesses and individuals in the creative sector today. The topics addressed in each seminar, such as achieving financial success while maintaining artistic integrity, are ones that stimulate continual discussion and are worthy of comment beyond each seminar. So with that in mind, we have decided to open up our blog as a forum for further discussion, and also as a place to follow up those ideas or tidbits of information you forgot to jot down. We are going to be posting presentations, links, and give our speakers an opportunity to contribute any further thoughts.

Beth Goddard, the founder of More! Productions, and speaker at 'Making a Buck Without Selling Out', our 22 October event at the British Library's B&IP centre, has graciously offered to submit the first few posts. Her contributions will provide further insight into what it means to 'make a buck without selling out' by discussing her own thoughts and struggles as she has pursued success-both creative and financial.

For those of you who were able to make 'Intersections in Sustainability' (and those of you who missed out), I'm going to post a link to information and photos we received from speaker James Wallbank, who is the founder of Access Space, a free media lab in Sheffield. James is a strong advocate and initiator of finding creative new uses for discarded computers, and is currently working on a "Zero Dollar Laptop" project. Check out the link below, and accompanying description from James for more info.
In that file there are 68 pictures of interesting interactions and activities in Access Space.
The point of this is simple - there's a particular value to real-world interactions that "e-learning" simply can't replace. How do you get to know "The stuff you don't know about"? Sure - you can Google for things once you know what they are, but what about when you don't?
As you'll see from the interactions, people come to Access Space for the people, not the technology. Almost all Access Space participants have a computer and a net connection at home.

And finally, we recently hosted a small, intimate creative writing workshop in the beautifully decorated basement of the School of Life on Marchmont Street. Sarah Butler of Urban Words and Aoife Mannix, a poet and recently published novelist (buy Heritage of Secrets here: ) led the workshop and presented several examples of how creative writing consultancy can transform organisations (and public spaces!). Check out Sarah's blog for regular insights into this area of work.

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