Friday, 13 February 2009

S H / F T By Ellie Reid

Ellie Reid – S H / F T
@ The German Gymnasium, St. Pancras Road

As the final Interact artist, Ellie Reid’s ‘Shift’ exhibition explores the journey of construction and destruction in the 67 acre industrial development site of King’s Cross. Located in the unique grade II listed building, Ellie’s work overlooks the very construction site from which it is inspired.

The centre of the exhibition is consumed by a big air sack, which inflates and gradually deflates into varying and unpredictable shapes. The changing shapes being reflective of the ever-changing material forms produced by the regeneration project; from building - to demolished brick - into rubble – and back again. This continual process of renewal has influenced her artistic activities, which seem to evolve into something unexpected.

‘Shift’ is a display of sculptural works, drawings and film projections. The combination of different art forms is mirrored through her incorporation of unusual urban materials. Ellie’s interest in the nature of material, their abilities and their vulnerabilities is shown by her use of plastic sheeting, debris netting, wood and rubble bags.

By developing the idea of, materials and their abilities, a process of evolution occurs. This feeling of change and movement in her work surrounds you. I really grasped a sense of development and progression. It is inspiring to see such creativity materialise from the huge construction project and it is a positive symbol for Kings Cross’ creative and cultural future.

If you would like to hear Ellie discuss the work generated by her Interact placement please join us on Tuesday 17th February: The artist talk, chaired by Create KX’s Gill Henderson @ the German Gym

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Hi Ellie,
I am not sure if you remember me. I used to be in the Foundation COurse at BCUC when you used to teach parttime! I would like to get in touch with you. I have just done my BA from CSM and now starting an MA at CSM. I am planning on applying for the Kings Cross residency. Needed some tips from you.
My email is

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