Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The pleasures of work...

A mid week entry from the CreateKX team today because The School of Life have come up with one of their many new and alternative ideas- bringing us all a little refreshment to our Wednesday afternoons! Turning order on its head The School of Life is reinventing itself as an alternative job centre throughout April. Rather than invite employers to advertise jobs for us to squeeze ourselves into, you are given the opportunity to write an ad for the job of your dreams, and let employers decide if they are able to offer it to you!

Write your personal ad, which advertises to the world the kind of person you are and what you care about- include name, personal qualities, talents, values & ambitions plus contact details and send

a walk through the ages...

What's more, for those of you who take an avid interest in your local urban landscape and its changing face, King's Cross Railway Lands Group is going to be taking a walk through the ages this Saturday 21st March. Departing from The British Library at 2.30pm guided by Linda Clarke, who has a PHD in social and economic history, you will be taken on an informative and intersting amble in and around the old Kings Cross railway lands.To really appreciate present developments and their future prospects it is often useful to get to grips with the past. So why not catch some rays this weekend and take away something new from the fascinating history of your locality.

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