Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Guardian Datastore (& Competition)

Forget paying out loads of money for research and market insight – these days all you’ve got to do is log on to The Guardian’s new data-store, which has compiled a vast range of publicly available data in one place. Whatever your topic of interest – arts, culture, bird watching or plastic surgery – you can find data on it here. Before you rush off to mashup MP Expenses with public arts funding, hang on...
Because The Guardian are also launching a competition – challenging people to present the data in visually innovative ways.

We want to hear your ideas about how this data can be brought to life. Use our data to produce visualisations and mash ups that tell stories (like this), or build tools that will make this data easier to use (like this). It's completely up to you.
We're looking for ways to make data more valuable to people with the minimum of fuss, so we have two categories for submissions:

1) The best user experience for understanding meaning in data, and
2) The best tool for web developers to build other things with data
The entries judged to be the most useful will win a Flip Mino HD and will be featured on

For more information about the competition click here.

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