Monday, 22 February 2010

Market Estate - Volunteers Needed!

Last Friday morning I hiked it up the hinterland of York Way to visit Gadi Sprukt, the co-Mastermind behind the amazing Market Estate Project. The large, and now rather desolate, estate is being readied for demolition, but Gadi and his team are ensuring the place goes out with a bang not a wimper. They have selected 75 artists to come together for a gallimaufry of live art, sculpture, installations and performance throughout the flats and common parts.

The tickets for the one-day spectacular on 6th March are already gone - blink and you missed them! But there is still time to get involved. The Market Estate team are looking for volunteers to act as guides and invigilators for the day. In return you will have the chance to see behind the scenes of this unique project, and join the artist celebrations after the show. You will also be well fed and watered. If you are interested, drop them an email at:

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