Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Welcome to CreateKX

I shall admit right now that I am not entirely sure how a blog works however it is my first week at CreateKX and I utterly love it. It's an all girl office which I noticed, being a girl may have aided my competition for this position? but I'm very happy to be here non the less.

This week I have been creating the April Newsletter which gave me a chance to really research what was on offer to see and do around King's Cross and to my surprise there is tons! People in King's Cross and the nearby areas are genuinely spoilt for choice when it comes to the arts and coming from someone who thought herself to be rather cultrually sound I've sadly realised I don't see half the things that I should do, or infact would like to. So with the aid of the finished article I hope that I will have a step by step plan to a very cultural April indeed.

Last Night I was kindly invited to attend our first in a long line of Reveal Lauches and events, an informal mixer/networking event at the Hub which saw guests from both CreateKX and The Hub come together to here about Reveal, the Creative Journey Event that we are launching on April 22 for 10 whole days, and from what I can see of the exsisting posts on this blog you should already know about. The event was fun, the Hub is a great space (which I believe you can hire) and so all in all, life is being very nice to me right now.

Natalie x

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