Friday, 9 April 2010

Hello everyone!

I've just been on a rather long tour (on foot) of King's Cross to chase up important places that might be showcasing our all important flyers for REVEAL!

A quarter I admit to not finding, another quater were closed, the 3rd quarter already had the beautiful flyers and so my work there had been done, but at a few golden places, about a quarter of the list I was given, there were lovely people who genuinely wanted to here about REVEAL and were more than happy to take some flyers off me and display them proudly! These places are The London Canal Museam, Thornhill Community Centre, Marchmont Street Community Centre, and a very cool pub called the Cross Kings. To anyone working at the above places I say thank you, and to anyone in the area of these places, do pop in and pick up a brouchure, you won't be dissapointed.

On another note, I totally under estimated how big King's Cross is, and also, how beautiful it is, there are so many quiet little streets, corner cafes and peaceful rows of terraces that look like they've just wondered out from Notting Hill. Well done King's Cross you've once again made me smile!

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AsbestosTourism said...

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