Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Today King’s Cross is very sunny, very sunny indeed, and so with this uplifting sort of weather I thought it was best to have a little wonder out of the office, right on down to the Gagosian Gallery, where right now they have dedicated their entire space to Picasso’s work ranging from the 1940’s – 60’s.

It’s beautiful. I found myself smiling sublimely at odd paper cut outs of owls and a little chic he’d coloured yellow and put in a wooden box with bars on. In the hallway as you enter there is a collection of sketches devoted to the development of a picture of a bull, starting off as a few lines creating an outline and soon becoming an over-detailed masterpiece. I want these in my hallway.

There was experimental work with sculpture, paper, pottery, sketch and painting and only a handful I felt stared back at you with the mark ‘Picasso’ firmly on them. My idea of Picasso’s work from a young age has been that he’s that guy who paints ugly pictures of women with everything on her face in the wrong place and to liven it up why not paint blue, yellow, green, orange…the list goes on. With this particular exhibition I was truly inspired by the pieces I saw. Picasso really wasn’t a frustrated toddler who struck lucky, he was a very talented artist, and with a good sense of humour too I feel.

One portrait that really caught my attention was something he’d called “Portrait de femme à la robe verte” which I think roughly translates to “Picture of a woman in a green robe” the simplicity of this was what got me, it was a woman, check, and she was wearing a green robe, check…but who was she? And what was so fascinating about her that she deserved to be painted and thus immortalised by this man with such talent?

The moral of my story is please go to the Gagosian Gallery as soon as you can, and wear more green.

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