Friday, 20 March 2009

CreateKX Spring Networking Event

The Only Connect theatre at 32 Cubbitt Street is a hidden gem, and a discovery which all attendees last night seemed to get excited about! CreateKX were delighted to be hosting one of their lively and entertaining networking events within this former Baptist Church. The warm and welcoming theatre was dimly lit and provided great ambiance. (Its intimate and unique feel has really encouraged me to return and watch one of their full stage theatre productions!) Armed with wine and nibbles our Kings cross guests soon got chatting about their various developments and projects within the local creative and cultural realm. It was invigorating to hear new ideas on the loose, avid chattering as well as objective dicussion.

Once sustenance was restored Mark McGuiness brought us all to a hush with his mention of the notorious ENNEGGRAM. He had sent us all the personality test to fill out on invitation so many of us felt that unnerving sense of exposure- will my caring nature be seen as cowardly or ruthless ambition a sign of self absorption?! But it was far more constructive than instructive. Guided by his story based on King Charles I himself we were challenged to bring our inner court 'joker' out from within.

For a social evening Mark provided a great starting point, educating the room on how to observe oneself, and most importantly develop compassion for ourselves and others. What's more it was a fantastic opportunity to come and meet the Only Connect team, and find out more about their work and plans for King’s Cross.

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Mark McGuinness said...

Thanks Emma, I had a great evening too and enjoyed meeting everyone.

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