Monday, 30 November 2009

Art in Redundant Housing Estate

This December The Market Estate Project will take over a soon-to-be demolished 1960’s housing estate north of King's Cross, and begin to transform more than 100 vacant flats, communal spaces and building facades into a creative playground for artists, designers and residents.

The Project offers artists and designers free spaces and an opportunity to freely intervene with what was considered to be one of North London's most notorious housing estates. With works starting from mid December 2009, they are looking for projects that engage and address the site's architecture, history, and community. Culminating in a one day live event in February 2010, they will invite the public to explore and experience the site and the art works, just before the bulldozers move in.

They're inviting YOU to submit proposals for artistic activity. Check out their website for more information about the project and how to apply


midlothian va homes for sale said...

I love this, since my ancestral manse is within a mile of any of the planned locations. Any estimate on completion time? I suppose that depends on which design they pick?

Apartments Review said...

I think this is good opportunity for artists and designers, north London is good location for this project but how it will looking like after make over. But overall its really going to be good looking.

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