Friday, 4 December 2009

Art and Craft where you least expect it!

One of the most sited 'great things about London' is the access to and sheer number of cultural venues and activities available only a short bus/tube/bike ride away. Well at the moment, the opportunity to take part in and / or enjoy some art or craft have sprung up in a couple of suprising places.

In the case of Kristy and Coralie's Christmas Cooler, the term 'sprung up' applies literally. Best friends Kristie and Coralie have set up their pop up shop in an old victorian bath house near Kings Cross on the Caledonian Road. They have trasformed the building with vintage furniture to create a perfect environment for some crafty Christmas cheer.
Everything is for sale and wherever possible it is handmade or secondhand, making it a great place pick up some distinctive Christmas presents over homemade soup, mulled wine or tea and cake. Their tagline is 'Drink, Shop and Do' and from 'Smack my Stitch up' (Upcycling your old clothes)to 'Play with clay, 80's style' (Lional Ritchie's video for 'Hello' is the 80's reference), there certainly are some great craft orientated events on offer in this very different socialising experience.
It must be said that their events are probably more aimed at those of you who have emotional reactions to handbags, heels and cute little cupcakes crafted out of colourful wool, but it certainly is a plug for a gap in the market. The resurgance in interest in the crafts such as crochet and knitting is testament to that. I think some jaded londoners looking for a new hobby, a chat and a bit of entertainment over a cocktail could have a wonderful evening or 2 at the Christmas Cooler. Full details of their events are available on their website.
Another unexpected art experience can be had at the St Pancras Hospital in the form of the Celestial Bodies exhibition. Artist Amber Garnet is exhibiting her illustrations on a planetary theme, which as well as being unusual artworks in their own right, the godesses portrayed have their own characteristics and personality traits. The hospital is far from a large gallery space, but any artists from around the area may be interested in sending in their work for consideration.
-Drink Shop and Do will be open 12pm to 12am, Thursday to Sunday for the three weekends in December (from the 3rd to the 20th)
9 Caledonian Road, N1 9DX
- Celestal Bodies is showing until 18th February.
The Gallery Space, South Wing, St Pancras Hospital
St. Pancras Way, NW1 0PE

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