Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas Quiz!

Christmas is almost here!

And it wouldn't be Christmas without a festive quiz, to tease those little grey cells. We are too full of mince pies and merriment to make our own, but luckily those clever people over at the Wellcome Trust have been a bit more proactive!

New Scientist magazine asked staff from the Wellcome Library to chose items from the Wellcome Image Library and also to create false descriptions for them.

We've had a go at guessing the real explanations behind the 10 objects offered - and have done pretty badly. Go on, see if you can do any better! In the meantime Happy Christmas, and see you in 2010.

Taster question:
Take a look at the picture above. Which of the following is its real purpose?
a). an ether dispenser
b). an enema syringe
c). a room fragrancer
d). an air pollution measurer?

Find out the answer, and play the whole quiz at:

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