Monday, 24 May 2010

Lingering Whispers

I've just been to go see 'Lingering Whispers' at the Crypt Gallery at St. Pancras Parish Church on Euston Road, London, and it was fantastic, the space definitely lends itself well to this particular exhibition and the layout will spark every element of your imagination.
The exhibition comprises mainly photography with a few cleverly placed items that make the exhibition come to life, and seem to tell a collection of individual stories.

A couple of words of advice however, the images are not for the faint hearted; nudity and a knod towards sado masochism is noticable throughout the exhibition, however I truly felt that every image - despite being challenging - held sincere beauty at the same time. There is also a series of mannequins hidden around the gallery and they do appear a little spooky in the crypt surroundings, but again powerful if you're willing to see it from a performance art point of view.

The collection as a whole gave me a sense of being set between 1990-2010, some of the images are incredibly modern yet others appear to take the form of something inspired by an earlier decade. I also think alot of the objects say more than come to light at first glance, for example the beautifully grotesque "Vegas Girl" shoes by Iris Schieferstein.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the gallery, the exhibiton ends thursday and it would be a shame not to see this work if, like me, you can't tear your eyes away from something that scares you a little.

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