Friday, 4 May 2007

Out of the darkness, the light

Earlier in the week, I promised an interview with Lightmaster Laurent of Creatmosphere and here we go... in the most charming of French accents, Laurent has kindly answered my nosey questions about his work and the KX area.

Ms KX: Blog I believe you are based in King's Cross. What brought you to the area in the first place?

Laurent: Its very strategic central location (you can go anywhere in London anytime..), the new Eurostar arrival (I’m french!) and we found with my partner a nice quiet place to live not far from the canal!

Ms KX: What excites you about King's Cross as an area?

Laurent: Its very rich history reflected through architecture buildings and environment, the diversity of people living around here and the challenge to turn the bad reputation of the night time economy within KXs in an area safe where light highlight the beauty rather the nasty and grim!

Ms KX: Is there a building or space or environment in King's Cross which you find particularly inspiring?

Laurent: Saint Pancras chambers of course but also all the area around the gasholders, the canal, the water tank, the canvas derelict buildings, the wildlife park (Camley St natural park) and Saint Pancras Hospital gardens and square and church with the big London planes!

Ms KX: Are there any other local artists whose work you admire in the area? Who are they and what do they do?

Laurent: I have moved in recently and not connected much with the local people yet which I’m trying to do through Create KX now. I’m interested to meet other multimedia artists and develop collaborations. I’m very interested to find out what will happen with the new King’s Place building on the music front and hope to work with their foundation on light and sound projects... I’m also interested to meet with the people who are behind King’s Cross Voices and integrate sound archives in a project.

Ms KX: What is the most exciting idea that you have for bringing your art to the King's Cross area?

Laurent: Illuminate the gasholders or Saint Pancras chambers would be such a statement!

But also creating a light trail around all the sites I have mentioned before, would be a good way to make people discover King’s Cross treasures in a new light! It would also allow some community projects to take place on the subject relating history and social context to light art and the story it can tell us about a space! I’m open to look at any brief which relates to this subject...Light can change perception you have of an environment, brings emotions, create experiences and remain as a very good moment in your memory. I want to bring that magic to people so they think positively about KX and its change. I’m looking forward to those moments...


Postscript of Ms KX: I *heart* artists.

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