Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Swan Song

Having midwifed this blog into being, it now falls to Miss Blog KX to hand on the candle for representing Create KX to the next worthy blogger.

In the meantime, Miss Create KX will be caretaking all things Blog KX-ish.

Miss Blog KX thanks those of you who have tuned in and those of you who have posted.

And she looks forward to seeing Blog KX Version 2 in the near future.

Stay tuned - rumour has it that new birthings are on their way.


william said...

hiya - if you are looking for a different way of doing this we would welcome an arts correspondent on

might be less hassle than running your own blog

miss.createkx said...

Hi William - thanks for that great offer: Something MissBloggerKX might consider, although I think she has her hands full with her own creative baby at the moment. I'll be taking things forward from this end: But it would be great to do an exchange post one day soon?

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