Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Evenings Out

At the weekend I ventured up to the Cross Kings for a bit of light entertainment: A friend of a friend of a friend was playing a gig in this relaxed and intimate venue. I felt no guilt as I sipped on my 3rd (ok 4th) alcoholic beverage, knowing this was providing real support to a local independent King's Cross institution.

While I was there I discovered that they hold a whole series of events, from theatre and music to art and performance poetry. Tomorrow, Wednesday 11th, there is: Le Salon des Abandonées hosted by the Hanging Gardener of Babylon
Described as ' abandoned people, performance poetry, music , salacious undertakings, Virtue, Terror, difference, entertainment like no other. Surrender to abandon for an evening.'

Unfortunately I'll be otherwise engaged tomorrow - for reasons I will disclose in a minute (I know all about literary suspense), but I will be following their future calendar of events with interest. I enjoyed my night at the Cross Kings so much that I never made it to the Cally Festival the following afternoon. Let's just say I got a bit overenthusiastic in my support of local, independent institutions. I really regret not getting there as it promised to be a great community celebration - in the sunshine no less. If anyone out there did make it down, please do let me know how it went.

When I undertake the gargantuan task of composing the monthly CreateKX newsletter, I also have the difficult task of choosing the events to which I can go. One of the easiest selections this month was The Car Man - Matthew Bourne's interpretation of the classic Bizet opera Carmen. It's playing at Sadler's Wells over the next few weeks, and I am eagerly awaiting tomorrow night's performance, which I have tickets for. I'll give you a full round-up on Thursday.

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