Tuesday, 10 July 2007

we love local

While I'm on the subject of keeping it local, I must introduce my new obsession: www.welovelocal.com. As everyone in King's Cross knows, this is an area with a whole wealth of great places waiting to be discovered. Our friends at eMomentum, who helped CreateKX go live with their website a few years back, have launched an excellent 'local service reviewing/ social networking + more' site. It's pan-London, but I'm going to concentrate on reviewing services in this area, so I can treat myself to lots of exhibitions, food, wine and shopping all out of selfless love for KX. I wonder if I can expense it....

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danielbower said...

Thanks for the kind words.

If you fancy having a nice widget for you blog's side bar showing places near kings cross drop us an email. We'd be happy to hook you up.

dan @ welovelocal

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