Wednesday, 18 July 2007

A county fair and a bit of history

The KX County Fair was lots of fun...
on a day when the rain stayed away and the sun shone. I took my 21 year old cousin along, who was less interested unfortunately - although she was temporarily distracted by a delicious cream puff from the Chinese food stall. We were also both very impressed with the Coram Fields' goat, who was quite undisturbed by the variety of bands and MCs on the nearby sound system.

Last night I was back in the same area, visiting the new exhibition at the Foundling Museum. The museum commemorates the first hospital established for abandoned children. Foundling Lives. The exhibition explores the lives of children who were cared for by the hospital over several generations. To make the exhibition all the more personal, I met a very interesting gentleman called Ted who was a foundling graduate himself. His story, and those of the other children exhibited on the walls, illustrated how attitudes to child welfare have changed over time. I'd recommend a trip down to the Foundling - it was also London's first public art gallery, and offers a wealth of British art including Hogarth, Gainsborough and Reynolds, as well as a fascinating insight into Britain's social history.

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