Friday, 13 July 2007

Sex, Murder and a County Fair in KX

I took advantage of the flukey non-raining weather and walked up to Sadler's Wells on Wednesday to see The Car Man. I took a really nice route past Corams Fields, then Goodenough College and Dickens' House on Calthorpe Road - I felt cultured by osmosis even before I got to the theatre.

The ballet itself was excellent: Very beautiful, but also totally gripping in places - with images of bloody violence spliced with passion and sex. And my boyfriend didn't fall asleep, which is always a great compliment to the performance.
Taking a walk past Coram's Fields reminded me that this is the weekend of the King's Cross County Show, taking place on Saturday from 12-5pm. I can't find a website with listings, so I guess I'll just have to pop down and check it out for myself!

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