Friday, 20 April 2007

And the search is on...

So. CreateKX has decided that we (royal not plural) need a voice for King’s Cross.

Not just any voice.

We had an idea for a blog which not only sings the praises of this vibrant, oft misunderstood
locale, but also gets beneath the surface to find the beating heart and the soul of KX. What’s going on? Who’s doing it? Why and where? And so on.

CreateKX can provide ‘a’ voice: CreateKX is an independent company, run by KX dwelling/working people, in order to motivate, inspire and grow the creativity of the area, and ensure its place as a “centre for international creative excellence”. This is an ever-mounting challenge, since “one of the greatest development and regeneration opportunities in Europe” is about to let loose – in the form of dust, diggers and diverse expectations - on our doorstep. Not to mention those 45 million people passing through the new St. Pancras International every year, come this November.

CreateKX aims to ensure that the regeneration of the area doesn’t damage but re-energises KX’s creative component. And we want creative people to want to live, work and play here. CreateKX uses it’s voice in a way which organisations must, in order to fulfil their essential function; acting as a “champion” and “enabler” and “signposter”.

But this is not the right voice for BlogKX. The voice of BloggerKX must represent and inspire, but also needs an independent view, as well as exceptional eloquence and excellent, all-pervading insider knowledge of just what goes down in KX.

So, to source this precious gem of a blogger we are whittling down thousands of potential diamonds in the rough, until we find the perfect candidate. So, read on while I grill the next contender in our own personal online 'blogerview' for the illustrious role of BloggerKX.

Question 1.
Why you then?

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