Friday, 20 April 2007

Why not?

'Why me?' you ask.

Why not?

OK, I'll get to the list of my most wonderful KX-y attributes in a moment. For now, I just want to linger on 'Why not?' for a moment. Isn't this a great question?

I'd heard it a million times, but the first time I really heard it was a couple of months back when I was sitting in the cafe at the National Theatre for Caroline Natzler’s writers' group meeting (this was back when I was actively working on the KX-based novel that currently languishes inside the hard drive of my computer...). The group was having a pee break and I was guarding bags and manuscripts whilst simultaneously earwigging the conversation at the table next to ours. I couldn't quite make out what they were talking about, but from the tones of the voices I could tell there was an atmosphere of general stagnation and low energy.

Mumble, mumble, "problems with the set design", mumble, "just too big", mumble, mumble, "not going to happen" and so on and so forth.

Until all of a sudden, one chap who hadn't been saying anything just burst out with:

"Why not?"

They all looked at him and a ripple went through the group as they adjusted their negative world view to a world view of POSSIBILITY. Why not indeed?

All of a sudden the whole table was fizzing with energy and solutions and potential.

And I woke up to what a great question that is.

A blog: Why not?

About King's Cross: Why not?

A straight answer to your original question: Why not?

So... why me then? Well, I’d allege that I've got a soup├žon of KX street cred as, on and off, I’ve lived, worked and played around KX for over ten years now. I know the fragrant bits, the less fragrant bits, I got my marriage licence at Camden Town Hall, I've worked with the kids at South Camden Community School and the hip creative sorts at St Luke's, I've grown tomatoes on a balcony in Somerstown and I’m going to the Roller Disco tomorrow night. If I survive I’ll be back for the next step of this blogerview…

Wish me luck!

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