Monday, 23 April 2007

Disco Diva

I SURVIVED THE ROLLER DISCO! Not just survived it, but enjoyed it. In the accurate words of one of my fellow skaters, it was "lots of sparkly leg warmers, 1970s attire... we mostly just fell down and laughed." And I got to wear my beloved GLC headband with impunity! I am definitely going skating again. I really want my own pair of skates, especially since this morning's interweb investigations have revealed that you can buy scented wheels. How fab!

Right, less of the blueberry scented wheels... better get back to the blogjob interview. You ask, Miss Create, for a similarity between me and King's Cross. I remember you mentioned the 'dust, diggers and diverse expectation' in your first post...

Dust: Today, a lady came round to quote for cleaning my home. I spent an hour before she arrived cleaning and tidying because I was embarrassed at the way the dust had collected into huge tumbleweeds on the floor. Despite my efforts, the lady arrived and (a la stereotypical mother-in-law) wiped her finger along the dusty bookshelf. Thus the deal was done. Fro
m next week a hired domestic goddess will be hoovering my sofa cushions. And, on reflection, I think I'll send her details over to the Powers That Be in KX - the area could do with a few domestic goddesses armed with antibacterial floor wipes and a few squirts of Mr Muscle.

Diggers: I spent the last couple of years learning how to be a miner, initially mining my Self for my own potential at the Institute for Arts and latterly helping others to dig into themselves in my work as a creativity coach. So my life is pretty diggerly. Much like it is round the the back of King's Cross Station.

Diverse expectations: One of the things I love about KX is that it has such diverse expectations of itself. Just try asking a local resident, a commuter, a local businessperson, a tourist and a property developer what they think of and want from the area... Being me is a bit like that. And I don't even need to ask around. Inside me there's a rabble of voices clamouring to be Lily Allen, Mary Poppins, Anais Nin, Immodesty Blaize, Nigella (how cool is Nigella's cupcake logo! I need a logo... calling all young KX designers... get your submissions in now to be the official Blog KX logo designer), Cath Kidston, my mum, my grandmamma, Elizabeth Clontz, my old English teacher, Karen Leeder and the girl at the Roller Disco with the fingerless lace Madonna gloves. It ain't easy to manage that rabble, but then it never gets boring either. Much as with the diversity of King's Cross.

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