Sunday, 29 April 2007

A visit to the pits of KX

What is the one thing I always said I'd never do until I ended up doing it?

Er, answering a bloggerview question two days late!!

Then there's a fair bit of stuff I thought I'd never find myself doing until I ended up doing it. For instance, I never thought I'd find myself standing outside Superdrug in Camden taking a photo of
a picture of a woman's armpit. But then since I've started appearing in this blog, I've found myself wanting to share moments of local discovery. So for those of you who appreciate the 'sod the establishment' flaunting of armpit hair, enjoy the fabulous Ms Beth Ditto above the Electric Ballroom...

... with her armpit in a starring role...

Now, from a personal pit perspective, I'm still in two minds about whether or not to throw away my Gillette Venus. Along with all the other characters, there's a Beth Ditto inside me somewhere too. But she's competing with the fragrant world of Cath Kidston where ladies definitely shave their armpits. Perhaps a compromise can be reached through a Nigella approach. I reckon she does shave them, but she doesn't worry if the intervals between shaving occasions are infrequent enough to allow for some visible regrowth.

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