Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Multiple nationality disorder

Great pic you used in your last entry, Miss Create. Is that you spinning your wheel there?

You ask me what the best prize I have ever won is. My Dad always used to say that he had won the best prize in the Lottery of Life by being born an Englishman
. This comment used to drive my (normally apolitical) Swedish mother crazy.

I do think there’s something though in what he identified about prizing the riches of a cultural background. I have lived in some amazing cities in the course of my life: Lagos, Moscow (in the incredible Dom na Naberezhnoi), Stockholm, Dusseldorf and now in my beloved heartland London.

I love London and Londoners because of our diversity. Everything is all jumbled together. And King’s Cross is a brilliant epicentre for all that. Sacred & secular. Filthy and fragrant. Light & dark. Happy & sad. Frivolous & serious. Old & new. Clever & obtuse. Quiet & loud. Green & grey. Grand & grotty.

On these streets, I can be every ‘me’.

And that’s definitely a quality prize in the Lottery of Life.

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