Thursday, 7 June 2007

Adventures on the Euston Road

I had a conversation not that long ago with someone who expressed a fondness for the Euston Road: They saw it as London's jugular - a fundamental component of the city, feeding people around its bulk. The poetic language doesn't do anything for me when I'm stuck in the central reservation every lunch hour, trying to get from one side to the other. I can't be the only pedestrian who suffers from road rage.

To calm myself down I pop into St Pancras Church - the big church
with the pillars of Grecian-urn looking ladies which sits on the Euston Road. I'm not a religious girl, much to the unhappiness of my
Catholic mother, but even the most rigorous athiest would find peace in St. Pancras Crypt. The Crypt is a very popular exhibition space, with a steady stream of artists exhibiting here. There is currently a beautifully curated exhibition by sculpter Emily Young, which beats the hell out of the Euston road's central reservation.

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