Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Cockpit arts open studios

My oft-abused bank balance was relieved to see that I restrained myself and did not return from my cockpit visit with any goodies: Because at the last minute I wisely left my checkbook at home. I did however bring my camera with me.

The work on display was beautiful and inspiring, and peering into different studio doorways through the maze of corridors satisfied even my rampant curiosity (nosiness). I visited the studios with a friend of mine called Becca who is in her final weeks as an MA student down the road at Central St. Martins: As a creative who is about to
leave the safety of academia, this visit offered her an uplifting insight into the avenues of support for artists setting out on their own.

I took a few shots of the work - and artists! - on display.

Tying in quite nicely with this visit and the decisions facing contemporary artists, CreateKX and Cockpit Arts have an
event next week which explores the current arts climate for
artists and craft-makers:

Making the Move: Art or Craft Market
@ the British Library Business and IP Centre
5-8pm, 12th June 2007
Tickets £5 in advance
for more info and to book, register for the event on the CreateKX website
Becca was most put out that instead of coming to her MA show I would be sunning myself on the Spanish coast, but this shouldn't stop you going along to check the talent: It's a fantastic opportunity to see tomorrow's leading designers, performers and artists before they all get rich and sell out! The degree show - BA and MA - will be exhibited at the Central Saint Martin's, Holborn site from 16-21 June '07.

Images of artworks courtesy of:

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The Creativity Coach said...

What a great chest of drawers - I'd love that in my office!

Thanks for the event link. I can't make it so I'll tune in again to stay up to date on interesting artwork.

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