Thursday, 7 June 2007

A holiday and a mission

I'm outta here. almost. 2 weeks of sunshine and beaches and relaxation. And I'll come back spiritually cleansed, relaxed, bronzed and glowing. Or just red and hungover. While I'm away Blogkx will be culturally enriched by its own resident artist.

She describes herself as an 'australian installation artist wannabe who swears alot'.

This should be interesting.

Lauren has her own blog... actually two. Her latest one 'Gallery per Day' follows her mission to, erm, visit a gallery per day. She's agreed to take BlogKX along for the, slightly exhausting, ride for a couple of weeks.

Lauren - thanks and have fun.

see you in a couple of weeks...

1 comment:

mengzhuo said...

Enjoy music, sunshine and beaches!!! You will be more energetic and refreshed after the lovely holiday :DD

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