Monday, 11 June 2007

resident artist, reporting for duty.

Hi blog kings cross readers! I'm very pleased to be able to do a bit of guest posting here while Ms CreateKX is away, sunning herself and enjoying a well-earned rest.

I will be here, holding the fort for a short while, and, as previously mentioned, taking you on a trip as part of my mission to go to a gallery per day. Now, I'm not going to subject you to the whole thing, but while I'm resident artist, I'm going to make sure I visit at least 2, if not 3 cool gallery/museum places in Kings Cross each week over the next fortnight to include with my other gallery jaunts.

I'm hoping to uncover a few gems that you've got hidden in there, to make sure I get to the main attractions and I'll post them here and on my other blog.

And if you guys feel like helping out and suggesting some good places to get a cup of tea while I'm on my travels around the area, that would be much appreciated. Unfortunately, my trust gallery guide doesn't include them.

See you soon!



william said...

GRan Sasso - caledonian road opposite and up a bit from tesco - free wifi and v good pizza

also try the amazing KC Continental Food stores on the Cally opposite tesco - like stepping back in time to 1960

lauren said...

ooh, free wifi and v good pizza - thanks william!

william said...

we also have a community art event coming up at the hard end of the art spectrum.

'While controversy rages about some young people destroying the Bemerton Estate London N1, other young people have taken up the challenge, in a very tough climate, of reversing the negative connotation of the label “Hoodies.” Young people at the CYP ArtFlat have been working on sculpture which demonstrates their activities and interests.

The aim of the work is to challenge the Hoodie stereotype and to show that it is possible for a young person to wear a hood and still aspire to succeed, find their voice, and want to be taken seriously.'

Through the ArtFlat Window: First Exhibition by the CYP ArtFlat at Cally334

Opens Wed 27 June, 6.30- 8pm and continues thru 27July 2007, Mon- Fri 10am-5pm

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