Friday, 29 June 2007

Getting to the Heart of It

Ok - save the best til last thing on a Friday. Or a case of blogcrastination. Either way, I'm back online to add a few thoughts to what I missed over the past few weeks.

On the 15th June CreateKX organised a walk of King's Cross - Getting to the Heart of KX - led by oral historian extraordinaire, Alan Dein. I was hoping to be able to provide the blog with a podcast of the tour, but technology being ever contrary, photographs will have to suffice.
After meeting at the British Library forecourt, Alan took the group on a
whirlwind tour of the cross, stopping off at KX station, St. Pancras Old Church, the German Gymnasium - which surprisingly was a German Gymnasium in its original carnation, St Pancras Old Church and the Hardy Tree.
There were about 30 people on that tour, so if anyone of you is reading this - I'd be obliged if you could take me on a re-run.
While on the subject of KX's heart, Will Perrin, of King's Cross Environment blog has recently set up an 'I Love King's Cross' facebook account. It's already got quite a few members, and it's proving to be a great source for KX chat and information. Come on - join in like the rest of the world with facebook mania.

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